Artist's Statement

The work on this website is part of an on-going project, that of creating an illuminated Bible. (see: Illuminated Bible) Most of these illuminations are responses to specific moments in the biblical narrative, and where that is the case, chapter and verse are given.

From a formal point of view this work owes a direct debt to the pioneering art of Jo Milgrom (See her book: Handmade Midrash: Workshop in Visual Theology, 1992).  Jo first taught me the methods of handmade midrash and she has been an inspiring mentor to my development as an artist.

My art represents a migration from more than 25 years of working imaginatively with the Bible in a form of improvisational drama called Bibliodrama. (see: ) For biographical information (see:

The work displayed on this website exists both in digital and actual form.  In general the size of the actual pieces is 16"x20".  The digital images are in the public domain and may be used in any way without the consent of the artist. (Obviously I would appreciate attribution, but that is a courtesy I leave to the user.)  If anyone wishes an original image, he or she should be in touch with me at  I welcome commissions and inquiries.  I welcome as well hearing from other artists working to illuminate the Bible. 


This website was co-created and designed by Lisa Galanaugh (


Peter Asher Pitzele



My Tangle

Draw a line from my father, who shared his membership to the Museum of Modern Art from 1955 until I had my own in 1964.
Draw another from my mother, who moved in the world of fashion and beauty.

Draw a line from papier collé Picasso.
Draw a line from the cut-out Matisse.

Draw a line from the history of Western Art in its engagement with the Bible.
Draw a line from the literary tradition of midrash with its imagination of sub-text and imagery.

Draw a line from the physicality of gesture.
Draw a line from the frontiers of computer graphics.

Where those lines tangle is my tangle.




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